GEOLoyalty - Customer Loyalty System

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Knowing Customers


Knowing Customers

The step following customer registration is to collect general information, not only about their buying habits but also about their preferences, family group, main interests, etc.

This information is essential to generate an efficient loyalty campaign, where benefits may be offered to each customer segment depending on the requirements. It has been proven that the "One Size Fits All" concept currently does not achieve the expected results. Different campaigns must be developed for different clients, as these react in different ways.

Data collection process

Data storage - Knowing Customers - GEOLoyalty

Data storage

  • Select the data to be monitored per customer.
  • Buying habits.
  • Personal characteristics (gender, age, location, etc.).
  • Conduct surveys to know preferences.
Segmentation - Knowing Customers - GEOLoyalty


  • Group persons according to preset criteria.
  • This may be carried out manually or automatically, based on centralized rules.
  • Segmentation based on purchases or spending by periods.
  • Modify segments on line according to automated processes.
Measurement - Knowing Customers - GEOLoyalty


  • Measure the segmentation process at all times.
  • Segments may be mixed according to specific strategies to be used later.
  • Repeat the process until effective segmentation is achieved.