GEOLoyalty - Customer Loyalty System

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Running Campaigns


Running Campaigns

Finally, campaigns are run for the different customer segments generated in the previous step. GEOLoyalty provides several options depending on the strategy defined for each segment. The campaign may be run as a wide range of promotions through some particular communication channel or using and measuring multiple channels at the same time.

Instant promotions, coupons, gift cards, sweepstakes, surveys and games are some of the options featured by the system, depending on the customer category chosen. GEOLoyalty provides instant information on how the campaign is performing at all times.

Campaign Running Process

Configuring Benefits - Running Campaigns - GEOLoyalty

Configuring Benefits

  • Benefits for segments are centrally configured.
  • Different benefits may be defined for different segments on the basis of the business strategy defined.
  • Benefits are defined per channel, segment, start date and validity period.
Recover, retain or lever segments - Running Campaigns - GEOLoyalty

Recover, retain or lever segments

  • Different campaigns are centrally defined depending on the particular segment.
  • Gift cards, coupons, discounts, points or messages are some examples of benefits that may be awarded.
  • Limit amounts of benefits may be set per period.
Measurement - Running Campaigns - GEOLoyalty


  • Measure the return on investment based on the benefits awarded.
  • Measure the migration of segments based on the strategy defined.
  • Measure the impact on sales in a given period.