GEOLoyalty - Customer Loyalty System

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Control Manager Module

This module is used by system administrators and by the call center. The basic settings of the loyalty system are configured in this module. In addition, on the basis of their roles and permissions, users can issue reports and make adjustments of transactions. Any action performed on the system is recorded in an audit log that is monitored by supervisors.


System configuration - Control Manager Module - GEOLoyalty

System configuration

  • Security policies.
  • Additions of users.
  • Point expiration policies.
Segmentation of customers - Control Manager Module - GEOLoyalty

Segmentation of customers

  • Segmentation of customers.
  • Affinity groups.
  • Addition and cancellation of customers.
  • Account lockout.
Call center system - Control Manager Module - GEOLoyalty

Call center system

  • Customer queries.
  • Queries about customer transactions.
  • Balance adjustments.