GEOLoyalty - Customer Loyalty System

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Web Client Manager Module

This module is used for web communication with the customer. The statement of account and any communication with the user is usually posted in the customer web page. It is also another channel available to award benefits, as coupons or additional gift cards may be awarded in addition to requesting the update of data. This web page may be integrated into the institutional website of the company.


Data update - Web Client Manager Module - GEOLoyalty

Data update

  • Customer data update.
  • Customer segment update, for example, assignment to a specific group.
  • Contact information update.
View statement of account - Web Client Manager Module - GEOLoyalty

View statement of account

  • Points balance.
  • Historical movements of points in the company.
  • Historical information on purchases.
Communication channel - Web Client Manager Module - GEOLoyalty

Communication channel

  • Communicate current customized campaigns to the customer.
  • Deliver promotional coupons.
  • Deliver gift cards.